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I must admit I was really anxious when this KICKSTATER started. A lot of people had advised me against doing it. But we found ourselves incapable of having our series on a lot of countries' networks. “Too violent,” “too naked,” “too serialized,” “not our target demographic”...

What I’m getting at is this: I already have ideas for all the stories that need to be told in a season 3. But I don’t have much hope. This is because many factors will prevent a channel from pre-buying season 3 from us if we make it as we envision it being made.
The first issue is that I want it to take place several years after the 3 specials, when YUGO is an adult. That might be the biggest issue. If he becomes an adult, channels will have a “target demographic” problem. No children in a children's show, that's only possible in Japan.
The other issue is that I want to make it darker, with bigger stakes. I loved how J.K. Rowling had Harry Potter evolve as his adventures went on. The more Harry would grow, the darker the story would be, and the bigger the stakes. I've been thinking from the start about something along those lines for YUGO and ADAMAI.
While in the USA and in England, serials have never been more powerful, we are forced, in many countries, to do sitcom... I have nothing against sitcoms, far from it, but I'd really like some variety... When “Game of Thrones” and other addictive series like it are clearly popular everywhere, it might be time to understand that what pleases us “adults,” might also interest our children. We live in a world where the absence of moral bearings is prominent and society’s values become more and more that of reality TV and other such silliness. Why not offer our children real adventures rather than only feeding them comedies? Life is made of laughter, drama, and adventure, is it not? And those who, like me, have kids, know that they ask a lot more questions than us and most certainly don't spend their days on a cotton-candy filled rainbow, beautiful as the thought may be. They need heroes. Role-models of bravery. We can only show them mushy stuff, and that saddens me deeply.
I would be the first to celebrate if we were to get the opportunity to continue this series thanks to a KICKSTARTER, be it this project, or a future project just for Season 3. ANKAMA could cover a huge part of the financial cost. But it is a fact that we couldn't produce 26 26-minutes episodes. That would be too large of a budget for us to fund without a partner to help us. In any case, if you have ideas or contacts in the offices of risk-taking media channels, I'd be glad to hear it. Once again, a big thank you to you all, and sorry for the big rant. My teams have tried to put me in front of a camera, but that's a rather complicated exercise for me.

Закидал монитор деньгами.
Кто еще нет, срочно на кикстартер

PS Ребята, стучитесь на HBO, там мрачную вакфу оценят.
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